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London All Stars Taekwondo Academy was set up 18 years ago by co-founders James Williams and Claude Williams and the assistance of Gilroy Wright and in recent years club secretary Valerie Sandiford who manages the marketing, branding, tournaments and administration duties

All three coaches have worked tirelessly giving their time, knowledge and dedication to the club for the benefit of the children within the local community, they work holistically through instructing taekwondo to teach discipline, self-empowerment and to build confidence to the young people

They equip children with the tools they need to overcome everyday struggles, and help them develop a positive mind-set that can help them to deal with setbacks and withstand obstacles they may face 

What is remarkable about the London All Stars Taekwondo Academy is that the coaches have consistently committed 18 years of their time, prioritising the children and family’s needs for a supportive, local club in an area that faces a high level of deprivation and crime. 

The instructors, all black belts and all DBS certified invest a lot of time and energy in the club, to support children's overall physical and mental health and well-being, and provide an area where they can be supported and achieve in a climate where our children face ever increasing pressures that can influence their development negatively, particularly our young boys. 

The club adheres to the high standards imposed on them from the British Taekwondo Body, and has participated and achieved great success in many tournaments over the years. 

London All Stars Taekwondo Academy Crowdfunding

Help London All Stars Taekwondo Academy make a difference to the local community


We want to raise £2,000 to help fund local community children to learn Taekwondo and gain discipline, self esteem and confidence

Visit our Crowdfunding Page by clicking on the link to make a kind donation. All donations however big or small will be gratefully received

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Qualified Instructor - JAMES WILLIAMS

James Williams – Co Founder & DBS Certified

James developed his interest and great passion for martial arts, back in the 80s, from frequently watching martial art movies. He recalls watching Bruce Lee on the big screen for the first time and being hooked.

A turning point for him was when along with his cousin Gilroy he visited a kickboxing club in  Loughborough park in Brixton, there he found a sport he was totally  committed to, however after two years of training vigorously the club unfortunately closed down 

At this point he was keen to find a new martial arts club, and happened to stumble across a taekwondo club call E West, which was a club based at the Flaxman sports centre. 

This is where his journey at Flaxman began teaming up with Claude, they spent many years training and cultivating their martial arts with dedication and commitment until eventually the club moved to North London

As a natural progression Claude took the club over for a number of years, where they enjoyed great success competing nationally and winning gold medals. 

In 1999 they co-founded the London All Stars Taekwondo Academy, with the aim of providing a community based club where children could learn the discipline of martial arts, build confidence and reach their full potential. James has used his passion to coach many children over the years, where he feels it been greatly rewarding to see these children grow into parents themselves and bring their children to the club 


Qualified Instructor - CLAUDE WILLIAMS

Claude Williams – Co Founder & DBS Certified 

Claude started training in Taekwondo back in 1985 and competed in both national and international competitions winning medals at both levels.

He has been teaching Taekwondo for over 30 years and has coached numerous fighters, some who have gone on to compete as part of the British Taekwondo team.

As an instructor Claude regularly maintain his standards by going to numerous training sessions and seminars.


Qualified Instructor - GILROY WRIGHT

Gilroy Wright – Assistant Coach & DBS Certified 

Gilroy has 30 years’ experience in fighting and competing in marital arts. 

He is an avid Thai kick boxer as well as being trained in Jujitsu. Gilroy has a real aptitude in working with children, with his supportive manner and clear instructions he successfully coaches children in Boxing and Taekwondo. 

Gilroy's strength lies in providing more one to one support with children, to overcome their fears and thus building up their confidence in engaging more with the group sessions



Valerie Sandiford – Club Secretary

Valerie has always had a passion for Martial Arts with her two sons part of the London All Stars Taekwondo Academy  family

Valerie is in charge of the day to day administration for the club as well as well as all the branding, marketing materials and promotional advertising  of the club at national tournaments, championships and on the wider social media platforms

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Flaxman Sports Centre, 8 Carew Street, London SE5 9DF

Buses 35, 45 & 345 to the Lilford Road stop from Coldharbour Lane SE5 then a short walk up Lilford Road to Carew Street SE5